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Race Divisions for Vaka Eiva 2017

For Vaka Eiva 2017, we have a diverse selection of race divisions. It is important to make sure when you register your team, that you pick the right division. To register please visit our Intent to Race page.

  • Under 19

    Women, Men and Mixed.

  • Open (age 20 - 39)

    Women, Men and Mixed.

  • Master (age 40 - 49)

    Women, Men and Mixed.

  • Senior Master (age 50 - 59)

    Women, Men and Mixed.

  • Golden Master (age 60+)

    Women, Men and Mixed.

Important Information

In the case of two individuals and/or teams participating in races, only 1st placing will be recognized and receive an award.

In the case of three teams and/ or individuals participating, 1st and 2nd will be recognized and will receive awards.

3rd placing will only be awarded when there are more than three (3) participating teams and/ or individuals in the given division.