Welcome to Cook Islands Canoeing Association

Important information & dates for Vaka Eiva 2017

Following feedback, discussions, and surveys, the Vaka Eiva Festival will remain in the month of November. With the Festival this year, starting on November 24 and ending on December 1.

  • 31st May 2017

    A $1000 deposit to be paid, for securing your registration.

  • 31st July 2017

    Paddler registration to be completed - $NZ$1,000 deposit paid & Name, DOB and shirt sizes confirmed.
    Please email your Team details to: events@cica.org.ck

  • 15th August 2017

    Final payment due

  • 1st September 2017

    Late payment penalty of $100 will be charged if final payment has not been received.

  • Friday 24th November 2017

    Welcome to the Cook Islands and Vaka Eiva 2017
    Registration with your full team - 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Vaka Village

What to do next…

If you are a V1 paddler wanting to compete in the singles race, you will need to join a crew, as we do not accept entries to the V1 race from paddlers without a crew. If you would like to join a crew, please register on our “Lost Paddlers” page, or click the button below and we will find you a crew. If you have part of a crew or registered a crew then had some drop out, we can help make up your crew with our lost paddler network.